Liberate Yourself

& Unleash Your Joy!

What’s the trick to achieving your most important goals, and unblocking yourself from the perfectionism trap? As today’s podcast guest, Petra Kolber said in a recent interview…

“Being present is not passive. Actually, the more present you are, the more likely you are to reach your goals. What happens is that when we’re goal-driven versus experience-driven, we get so set on the number or the goal that we forget to enjoy the experience of getting there. And that’s how life unfolds…. moment by moment. And oftentimes, when we’re thinking about our goals, we’re worrying about what we didn’t do or should be doing, and we don’t take the time to be here now and be present. From that moment, we make the logical and sensible choices to make us move forward.

Act as if the goal has already been accomplished. We often think ‘I’m going to lose weight, which will make me happy. I’m going to meet the man of my dreams and be happy. But when you’re happier being in the moment, you’re more likely to reach your goals.”

If trying to be perfect making your life a little less joyous, then tune in to today’s podcast with Petra Kolber. We’ll dive into how to silence your inner critic, stop beating yourself up, and step into the life you deserve. LISTEN TO OUR CONVERSATION HERE!