Lean, Shapely Legs
+ 10-Min Step Workout

“Doing lower body exercises are about more than vanity”

In last week’s AGEIST article, I was asked… How do you train your legs? 

Doing lower body exercises are about more than vanity. A study found that leg routines (especially weight-bearing exercises) are important for the health of your brain and nervous system. Your lower body sends critical signals to the brain that help create neural cells which help you handle stress and adapt to challenges.

Whenever I think about my leg workout, it’s all about inclines. You see, anytime you step up onto a platform or move uphill, your legs and glutes are the prime movers!

The key to shapely legs is to do step-ups correctly.

No matter the height of your step, you need to disengage the back leg as much as possible. By doing that, you’ll focus on your front leg and quads to complete the motion, instead of pushing off the back leg.

Another important technique is to finish the step-up on one leg. Don’t put the back foot on the box. Instead, stand upright on the leg that drove you to the top, and squeeze your glutes to finish off the move.

10-Min Leg Shaper Workout

In the fitness world, step aerobics are classic and keep on giving for good reason: it’s a tried and true form of exercise whose benefits have withstood the test of time. Join me in today’s 10-min step workout!

This is a cardio-blasting step workout that accelerates your metabolism while toning your buns and legs for that lean, shapely look.