Lean, Shapely Legs


At 10:00 am yesterday, I was in a butt & leg session at Silver Mountain in Park City with one of my favorite trainers, Deacon Andrews… oh my!

After feelin’ the burn in my buns with his signature 3-move sequence, we finished off our workout with a move that I’ve done a thousand times before in my step routines from 20 years ago.

I call it the “squat pop”…and it truly takes a classic squat to the next level by incorporating elevation (a little, or a lot…you choose), and a burst of cardio.

Monday’s workout reminded me how much I love this classic move.

Want to give it a try? Click the link below to join me… it’s a 10-minute workout, and squat pops start at 3:30! 

With stepping, you’re doing double duty…an aerobic calorie burn and strength training… all-in-one! 

As you step up and down on a platform, you’re working the legs and glutes. The lower the step, the more your quadriceps are activated. The higher the step, the more your hamstrings and glutes are targeted. 

Step routines also improve balance and stabilization.