2-Min Video


Speed and agility are often training protocols associated with athletes, but trust me, they’re important for everyone, especially as we age.

A. Speed is all about moving as fast as possible from one point to another in a straight line.

B. Agility is the ability to change in any direction quickly and efficiently.

C. Quickness is linked to the ability to react rapidly.

Having speed, agility, and quickness helps you respond faster to unexpected situations, like hopping out of the way of an oncoming biker during your morning jog, stay on your feet on an uneven hiking trail, or avoiding tripping over an object on the floor.

Today’s 2-minute video is a low-impact routine that enhances your reaction times and builds speed.

Whether you’re playing pickle ball with friends, hiking a beautiful trail, or simply navigating daily obstacles, having confidence in your speed, quickness, and agility allows you to fully engage in the activities you love and fully experience all that life has to offer.