Wake Up Refreshed 5-Min Power Pilates Video

In the mornings, it can be hard to go from zero to sixty. A quick pilates routine may be the trick you need to gently lull you out of a sleepy state.

Activating the core with a pilates routine has multiple benefits. It starts to warm up the body, and loosens the joints. And, it signals the intestinal track that it’s time to get moving!

If you thought Pilates was glorified stretching, think again! Even professional athletes are incorporating this body-weight-only exercise into their routines.

These 4 Pilates moves are what I use on a daily basis to warm up in the morning. Why? Because they activate my core and engage a wide variety of muscles while increasing mobility in the hips, spine and shoulders. The controlled movements feel relaxing, yet invigorating, and prime you for the day ahead.

Everything You Do Will Be Easier With Pilates!



Peel Off The Pounds Pilates kicks the fat-burning power of Pilates into high gear. This is a fat-burning workout, that combines upper-body and lower-body toning routines to work together and reshape your arms, abs, hips and thighs while maximizing your weight-loss potential to reveal a leaner, stronger, healthier body.

I’ve made it easy for you to get started!