FREE 15-Minute Cardio Dance From Instant Workout

With Beyonce’s video album running the world, there’s a resurgence of dance cardio routines!

Grab a friend and join the dance cardio movement in today’s 15-minute adrenaline-fueled flashback routine from Instant Workout!

This up-beat routine brings back vivid memories, because I was 4 months pregnant with my second daughter Perrie when we filmed it. Can you tell I was a little more winded during the cardio dance? 🙂

While the curly perm and retro workout gear might take you back to another time, this workout has the classic cardio fundamentals that will burn today’s fat. And the fun choreography will leave you feeling decades younger!

The Dance Cardio Kit Includes:

Instant Workout (In The Shed The Pounds DVD) – Three 20-min routines (cardio dance, strength training, and stretch) to help you shed excess fat and break old habits! (1991)

Cardio Fat Burner – Burning calories has never been so much fun! This cardio routine includes two 20-minute routines designed to be done as individual short workouts or run as a highly effective, 40-minute, full-body routine.

Latin Rhythm – Latin Rhythm features salsa, cha-cha and merengue moves that will burn calories and tone muscle while you’re dancing the night away! This DVD includes: 20-Minute Latin Basics, 20-Minute Latin Sizzle, 5-Minute Partner Dance