Just Dance!

One of the highlights of my year was dancing the night away at Burning Man. With music playing, everybody had fun in their own way without structure. There was no right or wrong, just movement. 

Through the years, whenever I would practice a dance routine in preparation for creating a workout routine, I felt mentally sharp and smart. Learning and remembering dance combinations not only challenges your fitness, but also your sense of coordination, balance, and memory.

When I talked to Dr. Daniel Amen on The Art of Living, he explained that coordination-based routines can fortify your brain against the impacts of aging. 

If you are in the mood for some serious DANCING vibes, this 6-minute throwback dance routine will kick off your morning. Just push play and pretend like your living room is a dance floor! 

Classic Workouts Can Turn A Gloomy Day Into A Great One!

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✅Ultimate Video Workout (1984)
✅Body Basics (1985)
✅Winning Workout (1987)
✅Starting Out (1987)
✅Fat Burning Workout (1988)
✅Ultimate Stomach & Thighs (1989)
✅Weight Loss Workout (1990)
✅Instant Workout (1991)
✅March To Fitness (1993)
✅Functionally Fit Peak Fat Burning (1996) 
✅Secrets Of A Great Upper Body (1998)
✅ Secrets Of A Great Lower Body  (1998)

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