How To Lose Weight Like A Guy

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Does it ever seem like men seem to lose weight overnight…without even trying, and you gain weight by simply glancing at a doughnut?

It’s not fair, but guys naturally lose weight easier than women. Although we may think we know every weight loss tip known to mankind, the odds just aren’t physiologically stacked in our favor.

But WHY?

First of all, men are typically larger and have more muscle, which helps them burn more calories throughout the day (as much as 30% more!). On the other hand, women usually have more body fat and are more inclined to store it…for child-bearing and rearing! Men escape from the monthly hormone spikes, avoiding bloating, cravings, and of course…CHOCOLATE overloading!

And when it comes to exercise, men have been conditioned to pump iron to help them increase their metabolism-booting muscle, while women tend to shy away from the weights and miss out on the benefits!

Losing weight the man’s way may sound like an impossible task, but I promise you…it’s not! Because today, I’ll show you 3 habits you should steal to teach you to shed pounds like a guy.

1. Men Don’t Get Upset When They Slip

Okay…so you opted for the tempting chocolate array on the dessert tray. If you’re a female, there’s a good chance that the next thing you do will include hours of negative self talk followed by throwing in the towel. If you’re a man, it’s quite the opposite… Men tend to enjoy their indulgence, and then go back to their healthy eating lifestyle without a hiccup. No harm, no foul.

How to fix it:

To avoid this emotional-eating roller coaster, kick out the perfectionism, and apply the 90/10 rule. If you can find healthier substitutes for your cravings 90 percent of the time, feel free to indulge in your favorite foods the other 10 percent of the time.

2. Men Don’t Have A Constant Sweet-Tooth

Listen…we all have cravings. But a recent Cornell University study found that while your cravings tend to be on the sweet and sugary side, his tend to be on the protein side, opting for a juicy steak.  This works to his advantage, because his protein-intake will provide him with satiety, while yours will leave your blood sugar levels unstable, causing you to crave even more sweets.

How to fix it:

If you’re just dying for a cookie, go ahead and enjoy one. Just remember to keep your portions in check! Then at your next meal, balance it out. Choose a lean protein, like salmon, and pack your plate with leafy green veggies.

3. Men Don’t Internalize Their Anger

Men’s negative emotions typically leave them B-lining for the gym…not the fridge. Males are more likely to lift heavy weights to sweat out their aggression, while women tend to swallow their feelings (literally!).

How to fix it:

Next time you get red in the face, remember that exercise can help you clear your head. Whether it’s through a pavement-pounding HIIT workout or a calming yoga class, anger is a sign that it’s time to get moving.