How To Do A Burpee

How to do a burpee:

  • Squat down to rest both hands on the floor, similar to the Mountain Climber move. But instead of lunging one leg back behind you, jump both legs at the same time into a plank position.
  • Return to standing, and reach up to the sky.


  • Even though this is a dynamic, full-body movement that challenges both the legs and arms, focus on engaging the core throughout the exercise. Remember to use your lower abdominals to pull in the knees as you jump your legs forward again.
  • Make sure you’re initiating the move from the core as you lift your hips up and hop both legs back to standing position


  • For an additional challenge, add some propulsion: When you return to the standing position at the end of each Burpee, jump up in the air.

You can also try adding a double push-up, performing two push-ups consecutively before jumping your legs back to standing.



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