How To De-Stress During Menopause

From breathing techniques to trying a new fitness class, it’s possible to find your zen.

Many women find that the time around menopause is stressful. A lot of this stress is caused by hormonal changes, which can create symptoms such as hot flashes, moodiness and insomnia. If you add personal stresses into the mix (such as raising teenagers, relationship changes and workplace events),  your stress can become even more heightened during these years! So, here are a 5 ways you can manage your stress levels during menopause:

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  • Sweat It Out

Any type of exercise is beneficial in decreasing stress levels, but studies show that women who go on walks regularly have less menopausal symptoms than women who didn’t. Find types of exercise programs that work for you whether it’s joining a yoga class, biking or going on a hike.

  • Chat With Friends

Share your stories with other women who are going through the same stresses that you are! This can help you try to find a little bright light of humor in the process! Talking with other women can also help you find solutions to symptoms to help you through the process.

  • Find Your Trigger Foods

If you’re not already eating a well-balanced diet, menopause is a perfect time to start! Start to fend off sugars and look for the foods that trigger your symptoms, and avoid these foods. Have a well-rounded diet incorporate foods such as: healthy snacks, including fresh fruits, fish rich in omega 3s, lean protein and of course, lots of vegetables! A diet like this will help you both manage your  blood sugar levels and keep your stress levels low.

  • Get Serious About Your Sleep

Getting seven and a half hours (or more!) of a good night’s rest is vital for handling stress. To help with this, try to turn off your electronics by 7 pm. This will help your brain relax and prepare for a restful night’s sleep.

  • Take a 30-Second Breather

When you’re feeling your stress levels increase, take 30 seconds for a “BLT” (Breathing Listening Technique). Here’s how:

  • Get comfortable in your chair. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed, down and back, and that your chest is nice and open.
  • Take a nice, steady inhale on a count of 6.
  • When you reach the top, try and hold it there for a count of 6. And while you’re holding your breath, listen. Try and identify any sounds around you, however distant or faint they may be: An air conditioner rumbling…A dog barking down the street…A car driving down the street…Or maybe just the soft song of a bird nearby. Whatever it is, be specific and mentally pinpoint the source of each sound.
  • And then, slowly, exhale on another count of 6.
  • Repeat this cycle 4-5 times.

Instead of struggling with stress during action, take action and make it your new beginning! Menopause is a great way to start new and healthy changes in your life. Here’s to your health!