How Often


How often should you poop? Once a day? After each meal? Every other day?

It’s a common myth that pooping once a day is “regular” 😉 In today’s 8-minute video with Dr. Will Bulsiewicz, he helps debunk some of the misconceptions about constipation. By the end of this clip, you’ll learn the role that being backed up plays in your gut and microbiome. 

When Dr. B gives advice, I listen. 

He’s a full time gastroenterologist, an internationally recognized gut health expert, and the New York Times bestselling author of the book Fiber Fueled, and his new book Fiber Fueled Cookbook. Will has devoted his life to better understanding the microbiome and the important role it plays in all aspects of health… from your hormones to your brain to your weight. 

“Your poop is a window of insight into the health of our gut microbiome.” 

If you have time to watch or listen to the full podcast, you can find that here! In the episode, we talk about a lot more than how often you to visit the porcelain bowl. We also discuss…

  • Understanding the connection between the gut and the brain
  • Getting the right amount of fiber through plants and supplements 
  • Identifying weaknesses in the gut and habits lead to a poor microbiome
  • Discussing the role of pre & probiotics
  • Learning what your bowel movements can teach you