Holly Jolly Buns!

Upgrade your glute routine with today’s 15-minute backside-strengthening workout for strong and sculpted buns. 

If you’re suffering from a case of glute amnesia and wondering “where did my butt go?” Then this routine will help you fill out your backside and strengthen your legs. Holly jolly buns!

This routine is a sample of one of the daily workouts in Total Body Toner, an 8-week program where I send you at-home workouts to tone up and burn fat every single day. The program also includes One Meal at a Time, a daily meal plan and recipe book that includes both plant-based and traditional protein options for every meal… learn more below! 

Today’s 15-minute lower-body routine is perfect for the busy holiday season because it incorporates compound exercises that work more than one body part at the same time. It’s double duty because not only does it is it a time-saver, but the moves work larger muscles, so you’re burning more calories.

These functional moves will build muscles that help power you through everyday activities and enhance sport performance. Your legs, butt, and back will thank you!