Healthy Holiday Tip: Think About Your Drink

With the holiday party season in full swing, there’s more to consider than just the cookies and cakes being passed around.

It’s equally important to think about your drink. Whether it’s the warm and toasty kind or the festive cocktail variety, there’s nothing wrong with the occasional comforting beverage. Just make sure those liquids aren’t causing you to pack on the pounds!

Hot drinks can hide a colossal amount of calories, especially those with cocoa and caramel. Even some tea concoctions have more to do with syrups and additives than anything herbal or natural. Here are some guidelines for best beverage practices, and 3 of my favorite holiday sips…

  • Avoid drinks with heavy creams and sugary syrups
  • Choose drip coffees with “calorie-free” flavors, such as hazelnut, vanilla, and cinnamon.
  • Opt for hot teas with lots of “free” flavors like jasmine, rosemary, chamomile, mint, cinnamon and apple spice.
  • Avoid caffeine after 3 p.m.
  • Use a dollop of natural honey to sweeten a cup of hot tea. Sprinkle in one serving of raw sugar to sweeten iced tea.
  • If you crave a fanciful blend, choose low-calorie concoctions that use nonfat milk and no added sugar.

3 Holiday Drink Recipes… 

Pumpkin Spice Protein Shake

Pumpkin Spice Protein ShakeIngredients:

1/2 C. Pumpkin (canned, pure)
1 1/2 C. Almond milk (unsweetened)
1 tsp. Pumpkin pie spice
1 C. Ice

Blend until smooth and enjoy!





Hot Chocolate Protein 


1 C. Water
2 Tbsp. chocolate protein powder*
1 tsp. unsweetened cocoa powder

Heat water until boiling. Mix in protein powder and cocoa. Pour in mug and garnish with milk froth and dark chocolate shavings.*I used Shakeology protein powder, with 9g. of sugar and 18 g. of protein.



Sweet Potato Protein Shake

1 Medium sweet potato
1 Serving vanilla protein powder
1 C. Unsweetened almond milk
1 tsp. Cinnamon
1 tsp. Nutmeg
1/2 tsp. Ginger

Steam sweet potato until cooked, and cool. Once cooled, blend all ingredients together and garnish with dark chocolate shavings and cinnamon sticks. Serves 1.