Greet Spring With An


As we’re continually bombarded with stressful news on a national, local, and personal level, it’s important to be mindful of the toll it takes on your body, brain, and overall health. 

Spending time in the great outdoors is a powerful way to create a sense of calmness and improve your outlook on life… while logging in a few miles! 

Taking a stroll in the fresh air is equal parts meditation and exercise. It’s a form of mental cleansing! With Spring returning this week it brings a time of possibility, light, and hope. Sunnier days are ahead! 

No matter where you live, feel at home in your workout shoes and get outdoors for a walk to soak in your town’s sights, sounds, and surroundings.

Want an excuse to get out in the Spring air? Try today’s free 20/20 Core Walk. 

This routine is a 20-min walking core circuit workout followed by 20 minutes of abdominal moves. With this audio routine, you’ll walk at a moderate pace and gradually increasing speed, and then sculpt your gorgeous core with 20 minutes of ab strengthening.

As a bonus, you’ll practice engaging your midsection muscles during your walk with specific ab-activating exercises.