Golden Hour


You always hear me say… the start matters! 

How you start your day sets the tone for the entire day! Here are two of my must-dos in the morning.

Go For the
en hour

There’s something special about “golden hour,” that time of day when the unstoppable gold light drips all around, illuminating the sky.

Sometimes called “magic hour,” it happens twice a day and it’s that gorgeous hour before the sun rises, and when the sun is glowing near the horizon before sunset. 

With the morning sun, I like to step outside and consciously re-open my mind, soften my heart, and observe the stillness of my surroundings.

Without sunglasses or a brimmed hat, I soak up the light without ever looking directly into the sun, to protect the eyes. 

They say the best things in life are free, and morning light is one of them! 

When you get early morning light, it helps you sleep better at night.

Your body’s internal clock is wired to sync up with the sun, and your 24-hour circadian that affects your sleep-wake rhythm is led by your eyes.

By enjoying daylight, your body pumps the brakes on melatonin production in the morning and increases the output of melatonin at night. When this happens, you are able to feel more awake during the day and sleepier once the sun goes down. 

Shake Out Stiffness

Pause for some sun salutations before, during, or after enjoying the golden light.

Here’s a great way to get started… Today’s 3-minute sun salutation video helps shake out the stiffness and get you ready for the day! 

There’s nothing better than these moves after a deep sleep, or a long day. These poses bring strength and flexibility, and open up the hamstrings, shoulders and chest. 

Plus, sun salutations lubricate the joints and moving toward full range of motion.