Get In Tune With Your Spiritual Psychology

This week for my podcast, I interviewed Baron Baptiste, who is not only my friend, but also one of the most respected and renowned yogis in the world. Stay tuned for the episode in the next few weeks!

In preparation for our conversation, I was researching some of his work, and was fascinated when he mentioned yoga’s 80/20 philosophy. In a interview with Yoga Journal, he said…

“At the foundation, [yoga] is 20 percent mechanics and 80 percent spiritual psychology. As Buddha said, ‘Everything is mind.’ Rigid routines don’t really work well for me. I like fluid practice instead. My style is based on being safe and opening the body from a place that is protecting the joint system. I do a lot of creative sequencing, and I teach people my philosophy, ‘To thine own self be true.’ You intuitively know what is right. I know in my own life when I doubt my intuition, it gets me in trouble. We all have a teacher within, and if you are really ‘in the now,’ you’ll know when to push, when to surrender, and when to rest.”

There’s often the assumption in yoga that if you can reach your knees to your head, or wrap yourself up like a pretzel, it means you’re a yogi. But in reality, being able to twist your body just means that you can join cirque de soleil.

Yoga is so much more than a stretching routine. In addition to building flexibility, yoga conveys many other benefits also conducive to longevity, as well as to appearance. Yoga tones and strengthens muscle, improves balance, and heightens your sensitivity to your body as a whole. And, with its emphasis on the breath, yoga can be both energizing and calming, and give you a space to get in-tune with your spiritual psychology.

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