Get Outside! 40-Minute Power Walk


After spending a week in New York for my daughter Perrie’s birthday, my legs are…dare I say…a little tired from all the walking! While I’m used to hiking nearly every day up the mountain peaks in Park City, living the New York life has me walking 8 miles around the city without even trying. Add to that a morning workout at Barry’s bootcamp and a bike ride from NYC to Brooklyn, and my legs are feelin’ the heat! 

No matter where you live, feel at home in your workout shoes and get outdoors for a walk to soak in your town’s sights, sounds, and surroundings. It’s a beautiful time of year to take your fitness routine in the great outdoors. 

Try this 40-minute indoor/outdoor walking audio that keeps you on tempo, and short interval bursts help you reach your fat-burning goals. This workout is a sample of what you’ll receive in the 6-Week LeanWalk Program… see below.

When you workout in the fresh air, you will probably spend more time doing it.

You’ll feel more vibrant.

You’ll feel more childlike.

You’ll feel more alive

As a bonus, spending time outdoors while you exercise helps balance stress hormones by increasing endorphins and boosting the secretion of serotonin.

Want a mood-enhancer? Let’s walk!