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We all know that taking a satisfying walk changes our outlook on life. With all of us feeling like we’re in a collective “time out,” and with gyms and classes shut down, walking is more important than ever.

Taking daily strolls benefits us on so many levels… physical and psychological. The more you walk, the better you’ll feel. Rebound your mood with Walk It Off, a new 30-minute walking audio. Put in your earbuds and join me while I coach along the way with proper techniques to get the most out of your workout!… GET STARTED!

When I was reading an article in the New York Times last week, this new study opened up my eyes to the benefits of walking. Here’s what they said…

“Taking an extra 4,000 steps a day might reduce our risk of dying prematurely, even if those steps are not swift, according to a large-scale new study of moving and mortality. At a time when so many of us are confined to home and worried about whether we are being active enough, the study is especially inspiring in that the added steps do not have to come from running or other vigorous exercise. It finds that for every additional 4,000 steps someone takes in a day, even if it’s just ambling around the block or across the room, his or her risk of dying early from heart disease, cancer or any other cause drops by 50 percent or more.

Right now, shelter-at-home restrictions in response to the coronavirus pandemic cover more than three out of every four Americans and millions more worldwide. In this situation, questions about just how much and how best to exercise or move about for our health and well-being are pressing.

The results were interesting and somewhat surprising, Dr. Matthews says. The researchers had expected both the number and intensity of steps to be linked to longevity, he says. But after controlling for gender, age, smoking, body mass index, diet and multiple other factors, only step counts were linked to mortality risk. Step intensity was not.

But the researchers found no significant associations between the speed of people’s steps and mortality. ‘We didn’t see any extra benefit from intensity,’ Dr. Matthews says.

…In some way, throughout the day, even if slowly or in snatches, and whether or not you can formally exercise. Use your phone or smartwatch to give you a sense of how many steps you are taking, and, should that total be low, especially if it is below 4,000 a day, consider walking around the block, if local regulations and your inclinations allow, or circuit your living room a time or two.”

Join Me For a

Walking is an almost effortless exercise that seems to be a wonder drug. LeanWalk is a 6-week walking program that’s incredibly simple, astonishingly powerful. Study after study proves that tying up your laces for even a few minutes a day can transform your body, mind, and health. You’ll experience a whole new level of weight loss and an amazing energy boost. 

The program includes 5 audio workouts… perfect for your outdoor walk or treadmill workout. Also included is 1 walking video so you can walk in place in your living room and add some weights to your workout. 

 And, you can keep the walking audios on your phone forever! They do not expire after 6 weeks!


Each week adjusts either the duration or intensity. By changing what you ask your body to do, this program challenges you so you can keep making fitness progress.

✅ WEEK 1 – Build the foundation by developing proper walking techniques. 
✅ WEEK 2 – Enhance stamina and endurance 
✅ WEEK 3 – Burn more calories with short interval bursts
✅ WEEK 4 – Challenge the intensity with longer intervals
✅ WEEK 5 – Add resistance training to the end of the walk
✅ WEEK 6 – Prepare to walk for life with intervals that are closer together

Take your walk to the next level. LeanWalk is perfect to get ready for summer!