FREE 30-Minute “Pump up the Pace” Walking Audio

Pump up the Pace
Walking Audio

If you want to turn your walk into a workout, try this 30-minute Pump Up The Pace guided walk from the LeanWalk program…. see below. This free audio incorporates brief interval bursts shown to help break through any weight loss plateaus and improve your cardiovascular health.


On my evening stroll yesterday, it lifted my spirits to see this lit up sign in the neighborhood 😊 

We all know that taking a satisfying walk changes our outlook on life. With all of us feeling like we’re in a collective “time out,” and with gyms and classes shut down, walking is more important than ever.

Taking daily strolls benefits us on so many levels… physical and psychological. One aspect of walking that we often overlook is its protection against depression and anxiety. 

Getting out for walks helps produce a protein molecule in the muscles and the brain that repair wear and tear. These molecules —  myokines and neurotrophic factors — reduce certain types of inflammation in your body and your brain. Plus, they help with the regulation of metabolism and assist in the growth of cells. 

A walking brain is an active brain! With more activity in your brain, you feel more focused and energized. With your creative juices flowing, you just might be able to shift this DOWN time into more UP time! 

Taking a contemplative stroll in the great outdoors is equal parts meditation and exercise. It’s a form of mental cleansing! Not only does walking disrupt the pattern of scrolling through social media for the third time in an hour, or binge-watching another TV show, but walking also releases neurotransmitters… which you probably need now more than ever! 

You may be surprised how quickly your mood can rebound once you step outside. After a few blocks, you’ll feel a sense of calm as you notice the evidences of spring all around you. 

The more you walk, the better you’ll feel.