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I was in Eugene, Oregon this weekend for the Olympic Trials, and the temperatures soared to 110! For the health of the athletes, volunteers, and the spectators, the races were wisely postponed until 9:30 at night when the temperatures dropped to 97!!! 

Summertime is play time! The season for hiking and being out in nature has arrived, but when you look at the weather app on your phone and it says, “extreme heat warning,” you may have second thoughts of heading outside for a workout. 

Don’t worry about losing your gains even when the temperatures go up! There’s no need to skip your exercise routine and miss out on the incredible benefits… from increased focus to a post-workout high.

Indoor walking is the perfect solution.

Simply press play on today’s 30-minute walking video to blast fat, tone your body and boost your metabolism. I call this the “WALKING PLUS” workout.


In addition to defining your legs and butt while you walk, the series of upper body motions will help you create shapelier shoulders, stronger arms, and a streamlined waistline. 

Indoor walking workouts are low impact, but carry a big metabolic boost.

Get ready to step your way to health with the variety of different walking tempos, patterns, and steps. 

Whether it’s too hot to get outdoors or you want to add a twist to your walking routine, let’s go!