DAY 1 of The 3-Day Kickstart To Flat Abs

TODAY’S WORKOUT – Fat Burning Blast

This 10-min easy-to-follow cardio routine from my FastFit DVD will get your heart pumping and is designed to give you maximum fat-burning results in minimum time.

TODAY’S FLAT-BELLY RECIPE – Irresistible Fig Protein Shake

5 fresh figs cut in half with stems removed
1/2 frozen banana
1 tablespoon plain almond butter
8 oz unsweetened of almond milk
1 serving chocolate Kathy Smith protein powder
Ice to chill

TODAY’S FLAT-BELLY TIP – Eat Your Carbs Within Hours After Exercising

Timing when you eat your carbs throughout the day can mean the difference between fat loss and fat gain. Here’s why…. When you exercise, sugar is shuttled to your muscles, instead of being stored as fat. And, exercise unleashes your muscle’s glucose receptors. So the trick is to eat most of your carbs in the hours after exercising. Remember… on days when you don’t spend a lot of time at the gym, even a 10-Min HIIT workout or walk can help you process carbs more efficiently.


With The NEW 30-Day Flat-Abs Challenge!

The NEW 30-Day Flat Abs Challenge Includes:

  • 30 Daily workouts to flip your belly fat-burning switch! From videos to audio workouts, from walking to strength training to barre, your ab-tightening workouts will be delivered straight to your email bright and early every morning. And, your first routine will arrive within 24 hours of signing up!
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  •  30 Hormone-resetting tips – Each day, I’ll teach you how your hormones could be whipping you up a muffin top, and a quick tip on how to steer your hormones in the right direction for rapid belly-fat loss.
  • BONUS: Private Q&A with me! – Any time during the challenge, email me, and I’ll answer your #1 fat-burning question!