15-Min Strong Legs Workout

Park City is getting hit with a big snowstorm. That means two things…the roads are an ice rink, and the ski hills are full of fresh powder! Try the 15-minute strong legs workout (above) that I used to get my legs ready for ski season.

By the way… When it comes to staying healthy, we’ve been conditioned to focus on weight loss. The number on the scale has somehow become the determining factor as to whether you’ve failed, or you’ve succeeded.

Weighing yourself on a scale is overrated, because it’s really just one indicator. It tells you your weight – and that’s it! It doesn’t tell you about your muscle mass. It doesn’t tell you about your core strength. It doesn’t tell you about your bone density, or your heart health, or your lung capacity. And it doesn’t take into consideration your moods, your positivity or your brain health.
We are all diverse, our bodies are all unique, we are different races and ethnicities of every size, shape, height, and weight. The number on the scale is only one small indicator in the big picture of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to start creating your own measuring stick.

What’s your personal vision of a happier, healthier fuller life? Whatever it is, that measuring stick is unique to you. Make your own measuring stick and life becomes just a little more wonderful.