Go from the Floor to Sitting


=Whether you’re getting off the mat after yoga or getting out of bed in the morning, it involves sitting up. Today’s 2-minute video is a simple technique based on the Feldekrais method to make the process much easier.

Whether you’re feeling stiff or you just want to protect your back, this exercise to transition from lying to sitting feels effortless. I even find the process quite relaxing.

The genius of the exercise is that it allows the weight of your leg to pull the rest of your body up to a seated position. Even if you don’t have any problem adjusting from the floor to a seated position,  this “spiraling up” motion can help you pop up with ease.

Moshe Feldenkrais was deeply interested in the mechanics of movement, which led him to develop the “Awareness Through Movement” technique. His Feldenkrais Method combines mindful, gentle motions with playful experimentation.

The benefit?

Feldenkrais exercises release muscle tension, increase joint mobility, and eliminate habitual patterns of moving that are causing aches.

When you regularly incorporate simple and gentle motions, your joints are more supple.

Plus, having a sense of kinesthetic awareness of how you move and how your body is aligned naturally improves your balance, which makes falls less likely. People of all ages fall, and the Feldenkrais Method teaches how to fall safely and get up from the ground effortlessly.

Leighann Shelton introduced me to the Feldenkrais method and joined me for today’s video.