15-Minute Total Body Yoga

How old do you feel? Research  shows that 80% of people over 40 feel younger than their actual age, and 10% of people feel older. One particular study suggests that having a youthful mindset impacts how capable their physical body could perform. When older participants were told that they were stronger than most people their age, their grip strength significantly improved. The sam results happened in other areas, too. When they were told they were smarter than people their age… they then performed better on memory tasks. 

In my recent Ageist Magazine feature, Fitness Icon Living Life to The Fullest, I explained how fostering a rejuvenated mind is one of my keys to vitality… 

“All aspects of our well-being flow in cycles.

Coming to terms with my energy cycle was one of the secrets I discovered to living with increased vitality.

It’s all about trial and error, and learning to spot your patterns. It took me years of being on the road and the stress of travel and performance to learn exactly what I needed to do to keep myself going at my peak.” 

You can read the full Ageist article here.

Join me today for a 15-min basic yoga routine today to re-boot your energy cycles and feel more youthful. Today’s routine is about undoing, letting go, and releasing. These poses build on basic positions, which will naturally help you gradually enhance your flexibility and improve your balance.