Fast or Slow…


This week, I’m headed to visit my daughter Perrie in NYC! Between work and play, it will be a week of theater, museums, good food, and seeing good friends. Whenever I’m in NYC, I pack my most comfortable walking shoes, because the steps add up. I range between 8-12 miles per day. By the way, if you’re ever in Manhattan… you might want to add walking all 13 miles of it (from top to bottom) to your bucket list! 

With warm-weather travel on the horizon, it’s useful to get in walking shape for your vacations! Instead of using walking as a way to lose weight or log your daily steps, think of it as a way to prep for vacation. Spend more of your time taking in the attractions, and less time sitting on the sidelines resting and trying to regain stamina.

Let’s get in walking shape with today’s walking audio! Fast or slow, let’s go!

This workout is a 40-minute audio that guides you through a 20-minute interval training walk, topped off with 20 minutes of results-driven core training.

Today’s walking workout is one of the NEW workouts from the ReShape app. 

This walking audio is designed to train you to walk faster, for a longer period of time. I’ll show you how to modify your stride so that you can walk at higher speeds, and gain endurance. 

The idea is not to walk so fast that you’re exhausted after 15 minutes. This isn’t race walking, but it sure isn’t strolling either!  

Speed does a lot more than burn calories. A faster pace takes your heart rate higher, which means greater gains for your heart, lungs, and circulatory system.

The faster you walk, the fitter you’re going to get, and if you walk very fast, you can get very fit!

Fall in love with walking as you stride it out with today’s workout. Your body will thank you.