Facial Exercises to Contour Your Cheeks

One popular trend showing up on social media feeds lately is facial fitness. Yes…working out your face! But does it really work?

Before you roll your eyes, consider this… There are approximately 50 muscles in your face. These muscles are stretched like layered, elastic sheets on top of your cranium and facial tissues. They can act individually and in combination, creating a variety of different facial expressions.

But they don’t just make it possible for you to express emotion. Your facial muscles also play an important role in the contouring your face. When your face has muscular contouring, it allows you to maintain a more youthful look as you age.

Your face needs exercise just like the rest of your body.  All the muscles that create smiles, frowns, looks of surprise and joy weaken over time, resulting in a little droopiness. Think of the muscles around your face and neck as a basket that needs a little maintenance over time to stay tightly woven to support skin and bones. 

Today, let’s focus on contouring the cheek area. These exercises will use your fingers as miniature dumbbells to strengthen the muscles to add definition. Working this specific area will also increase circulation so you’ll also notice a youthful glow in the mirror.