Exercises To Do At Work

By far, one of the most popular excuses for not working out is lack of time. It goes without saying that we all have hectic lives. But when you get to a point that you can’t find 15 or 20 minutes each day for yourself, you’ve got to stop and examine your life.

When you say you’re too busy to exercise, what are you really saying? You don’t have time for something that will give you more energy? Something that will stimulate your creative juices and increase your enjoyment of life?

Most of us never think of work as a place to workout. But sitting down all day can do a number on both your body and your psyche! And, sitting is the new smoking! So while you’re waiting for that report to load on your computer, or you’re listening to that conference call, why not get a little exercise?

Today, I’ll show you a few moves you can do at your desk to keep you fit and energized.

Before you begin, push your chair away from your desk and make sure you have enough room. Also, be sure that your chair doesn’t have wheels!


Chair Pose

  1. With feet shoulder width apart, lift your bottom off your chair…just an inch!
  2. Extend your arms straight ahead, and shoulders are down.
  3. If you have the flexibility in your shoulders, bring your hands above your head, pointing toward the ceiling.
  4. Hold for 30 seconds, and remember to breathe!


Tricep Dip

  1. Scoot your bottom to the edge of the chair with your palms down, holding onto the chair.
  2. Bend your elbows, drop your hips, and press back up, performing a tricep dip. Remember to not dip too far down, so you avoid putting any stress on the shoulders.

Cinderella Stretch

  1. Cross your legs, and put your opposite arm on the leg that’s crossed (on top)
  2. Gently twist toward the chair, releasing tension.
  3. Come back to center, and repeat on the other side.

Remember to do these short and simple workouts throughout the day, because they can really add up!