Episode 107


With Dr. Camillo Ricordi

How long you’re going to live is a dated concept.

How long you’re going to live well is what we all need to focus on!


Here’s a shocking fact…

• In 1940, one out of every 400 living in the United States were considered diabetic.
• By 1970, one out every 50 were considered diabetic.
• Today, one out of every 9 are considered diabetic.

• Plus, one out of every 3 over age 65 are considered diabetic.
Half the overall population is on the road to Type 2 diabetes. Remember, there’s a spectrum… from metabolic syndrome (prediabetes) to full-blown Type 2 diabetes. 
In this NEW episode, Dr. Camillo Ricordi explains why such a huge part of the population is facing these risks.  Camillo challenges the notion that we have to just accept this statistic as a natural part of aging process. In his groundbreaking book, “The Health Span Code – How to Reverse Your Biological Age” Dr. Ricordi developed a roadmap to a longer, healthier life… Aging reimagined! 

Over his remarkable career, Camillo has made countless contributions to the advancement of cellular and organ transplantation, particularly in the treatment of diabetes.

Now, he’s switched his attention from treating diabetes to preventing diabetes. 

This episode explores the fascinating science behind biological aging and the factors that contribute to its acceleration. We’re going to zero in on a major aspect that contributes to this decline….when your body can no longer handle sugar properly and you start down the path of metabolic disfunction, leading to many degenerative diseases. 

In today’s episode, you’ll discover… 

• Why is such a huge portion of the population today is facing these risks?  

• Before you’re diabetic, there’s a stage called prediabetes. Before that, metabolic syndrome. What’s the spectrum from metabolic syndrome to full-blown diabetes, and what are some of the cues or tell-tale signs to look out for?

• Why fatty liver disease is on the rise. 

• What happened to that donut you ate this afternoon, and where excess sugar and fat calories are stored when your fat cells have reached their limit. 

• Simple fixes to give your metabolism a makeover

• What types of exercise are most effective in managing blood sugar 

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