Autumn is the ideal time to take your walking workout to the next level. Indoors.

No treadmill? Let me be your walking buddy with this 10-min indoor walking video…

If you have a treadmill, then it can be your cold-weather walking partner for fat-burning… as long as you incorporate these 5 treadmill tips. 

Walking in cold, dark or wet conditions can put a damper on your best intentions to head out the door.

Not a problem…let’s take it indoors! 

Advocated by professional runners for winter workouts and prescribed by doctors for women seeking to lose or maintain ideal weight over the colder months, indoor walking is one of our best foul-weather exercise friends. It’s accessible, versatile, reliable rain or shine, and offers you a range of workouts from easy going to intervals designed to leave you feeling like you busted your butt.

Let’s optimize your indoor workouts!

Say bye-bye to the DREAD-mill with these 5 tips to turn your treadmill walk into a fat-burning workout…