Digital Detox


Just about everything works better if you turn if off and then back on again… even you!
― Anne Lamott

As much as I love tech gadgets, putting my phone away and having a mini digital detox and escape into nature allows me to give my mind some breathing space and reflect on the choices I’ve made throughout the week. I look forward to those quiet moments.

An unmistakable sense of peace and serenity fills my spirit when I’m serenaded by the rush of a waterfall, the rustling of leaves, and the chirping of birds.

Plus…We now know that there’s a link between the chemicals released by trees, called phytoncides, and lowered levels of stress hormones!

Achieve Serenity Now

Today’s stretching video from Instant Workout will allow you to tap into your relaxation response! Stretching is one of the pillars of exercise you don’t want to avoid. It truly is a key to ageless energy!