Did You Hear?


Going for a walk while listening to your favorite podcast isn’t exactly groundbreaking idea. But, did you hear? Walking is cool again, with the term “Hot Girl Walk” trending on social media.

There is only one rule for a “hot girl walk”… you can only think about what you’re grateful for, your goals, and how much you appreciate your body. 

If the weather isn’t cooperating for an outdoor hot girl walk, let’s take it inside! Today’s 30-minute video amps up the fun factor and gives your walk a change of scenery. We’ll travel virtually to Palm Springs for an indoor walk with an outdoor feel. You’ll use light dumbbells to define your arms and shoulders, all while you walk. 

Bring your confidence, charm, and smile, and let’s live it up on today’s 30-minute indoor walk. 

This is not your ordinary walk! It’s a full-body workout that uses the “Clock Method.” Imagine yourself standing in the center of a clock and let the fun begin. Anytime you’re moving forward, you’re going to 12:00. Side to side is 3:00 and 9:00.


The clock method allows you to tone the glutes and hamstrings as well as the quadriceps and inner and outer thighs from every possible angle. Plus, using light had weights, you’ll define your upper body while you walk. 

It’s effective, and there’s no boredom factor!  Time will fly by.