Design your future, start today! (20-Min audio)

If you’re looking to move from a place of doubt and fear of failure to “I can do this!” you’re going to love this… 

One exercise that has been particularly transformative for me is an audio visualization called “Creating Your Success Timeline.” This 20-minute guided experience helps me tap into the blueprint for success that lies deep within the subconscious mind.
 I find it especially helpful to press play on the guided visualization before getting out of bed in the morning. It’s my way of winning the morning to ultimately win the whole day, as it sets the tone for all that follows.

As an old adage goes, your future determines your present. I love that perspective because it’s a bit counterintuitive and breaks from the usual “your present determines your future.” But think about it: When you have a future goal in mind, you know what to say yes to and what to walk away from today. It starts shaping your daily world as you propel yourself into that envisioned future.

Put simply, how your future shapes your today hinges on how you see that future. That’s why it’s important to have goals!

Let’s work on how you can change the  trajectory of your future—filled with possibilities—based on the here and now.
Today’s inner workout will help boost your confidence and open you up to possibilities. Plus, it helps release the thought patterns and attitudes that have been holding you back. It’s like giving your brain the permission and pathways it needs to start rewiring itself for thriving.