15-Min Upper Body Barre Toner

No matter the season, there’s no better time than now to work your way towards a toned, beautiful upper body! If you’re looking to showcase shapely shoulders and defined arms in your tank top this summer, listen up! 

Barre workouts utilize small, medium and large ranges of motion that target all the different muscle fibers in the upper body.

These powerful strengthening exercises will challenge your core and create greater tone through the triceps, biceps and shoulders. As you target all of the muscles in the upper body (including those in the back and chest) it’s important to pay attention to form, stability and control. 

Move along with me in today’s 15-minute barre arms routine. This workout includes different intensity levels so you can challenge yourself while staying in your fitness zone.  

Add this workout to your routine twice a week this month, and step into summer feeling strong and confident.