Decompress the Back for Pain Relief and Injury Prevention 

Whether you’re sitting or standing, gravity is always influencing your body, causing compressive forces on the spine. 

Throughout the years, this constant spinal compression can cause issues with posture as well as neck and back pain that can often be debilitating. 

Compressing your spine is like taking a damp shirt out of the washing machine and twisting it in a ball to dry. It becomes crunched and throws proper alignment out of whack. 

One solution to preventing these painful experiences?


It’s pretty simple… stretch and exercise in a way that elongates your spine. 

Basic yoga stretches are TLC for your spine. Today’s 15-minute yoga routine does double duty… it strengths the muscles around the spine while also increasing circulation to that area.

This section from my Moving Through Menopause workout is my go-to stretch to give my spine some love and decompress my back for better posture. Plus, it reverses the daily impacts of gravity by gently making space between the bones of the spine. 

What are the benefits of spinal decompression? 

  • Decreases pressure on the spinal discs
  • Adds more space for the nerves exiting the spine 
  • Straightens gravity-causing curves in the spine
  • Improves blood flow and helps heal damaged or irritated areas in the spine
  • Reduces tension of muscles around the spinal column