Dance Your Way To A


Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to sharpen your brain!

Recent studies reveal that dancing can supercharge cognitive function and protect memory as we age.

The secret… total brain engagement. 

Unlike repetitive workouts, dance combines coordination, musicality, and constant learning. This full brain-body experience is the key. As you master new routines, you activate the hippocampus – that’s the core of your brain’s learning and memory center.

Research also found that older adults who danced regularly experienced a 76% increase in hippocampal volume compared to non-dancers! This vital region starts shrinking with age, leading to memory lapses and cognitive decline. But dance reverses that trajectory, providing an anti-aging boost.

Today’s 20-minute routine is from my Latin Rhythm dance workout, filmed at LA’s iconic Conga Room. Let the salsa rhythms pulse through your body, and challenge your brain with the choreography as you move to the beat.

If dance is new to you, don’t worry! The key is keeping your brain engaged through the movements. 

Let’s dance towards a sharper, fitter future!