Become More Resilient To Stress – 3 Min Breathing Exercise

When it comes to losing weight and getting healthy, we’ve been trained as a society to get on the scale, look at that number, and use that number as the determining factor as to whether we’ve failed, or we’ve succeeded.

But weighing yourself on a scale is overrated, because it’s really just one indicator. It tells you your weight – and that’s it! It doesn’t tell you about your muscle mass. It doesn’t tell you about your core strength. It doesn’t tell you about your bone density, or your heart health, or your lung capacity.

That’s why fitness and living a healthy lifestyle has very little to do with that one little number on the scale, and that’s why I encourage you to make your own measuring stick.

What’s your personal vision of a happier, fuller life? Is it traveling abroad with your spouse? Is it playing football with your grandkids? Is it running that marathon you’ve always wanted to run? Improving your golf swing? Or is it simply having more energy throughout the day, so that you can perform at your peak level in your work?

Whatever it is, that measuring stick is unique to you. So sharpen your saw. Make your own measuring stick.

And when it feels like stress is taking over, just stop, and try today’s 2-minute breathing technique.