On the road to fitness, it’s easy to become hyper focused on your weight. The number on the scale has somehow become the determining factor as to whether you’ve failed, or you’ve succeeded.

If you’re the type of person who gets discouraged when you’re not seeing changes weekly, check out these 10 other ways to measure your progress.  

  1. Muscle mass
  2. Core strength 
  3. Heart health 
  4. Lung capacity 
  5. Mood
  6. Energy levels 
  7. Brain health 
  8. Water intake
  9. Intensity of workouts
  10. Quality of sleep

Weighing yourself is overrated, because it’s really just one indicator of health. It tells you your weight – and that’s it!

We are all diverse, our bodies are all unique, we are different races and ethnicities of every size, shape, height, and weight. The number on the scale is only one small indicator in the big picture of living a healthy lifestyle. It’s time to start creating your own measuring stick.

What’s your personal vision of a happier, healthier fuller life? Whatever it is, that measuring stick is unique to you. Make your own measuring stick and life becomes just a little more wonderful.

Need some inspiration on how to create your own measuring stick? Check out these motivational these 5 “non-scale victories” that came through in the Fit Over 40 Facebook group recently… 

  • “Gotta go out today and buy smaller size scrubs!!!!” – Mary
  • “I have consistently added water and collagen to my daily habits.” – Roxanne 
  • “I ran 3 miles today!!” – Merita
  • “HBA1C down by 5. I have type 1 diabetes . This is brilliant for me!” – Eithne 
  • “I’ve been getting my correct amount of water for a few weeks now: