Burst of Joy! New Awakening Exercise

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During this process today you’re going to focus on a goal that you want to achieve in the next month, the next six months and the next year. I want you to place that goal in your mind now, imagine starting out one year from today and you’ve done it. You’ve successfully accomplished something of importance to you, something meaningful. Be there now. Mentally place yourself into the scene, seeing what you will be seeing, hearing what you will be hearing and sensing and feeling success from the inside out, allow it to resonate throughout your body as calm, cool confidence. And allow that confidence to resonate through your body as relaxation.

Move your attention to the awareness of your heart. Now I mention your heart because it is controlled by the other than conscious part of your mind, that’s the incredibly powerful part of your mind that’s listening to my voice, taking the message deep deep inside and building the behaviors, attitudes, and beliefs that will bring to pass as reality your loftiest goals. So allow from that core of your heart, from the resonate frequency of success that resides there, relaxation to flow into the other organs of your body. Imagine the lungs, the liver, the kidneys, the digestive system all becoming relaxed and comfortable about the idea of success.

Success for you is very different than success for anyone else in the world. So as your mentally there one year from today seeing through your eyes, hearing through your ears and sensing and feeling with your body, allowing yourself to explore the vastness of your mind’s potential, and its ability to project into the future one year from today success along the timeline of your life will become as natural to you as breathing, as unconscious and as automatic as your heartbeat.

And just as the sun rises and sets so too you will follow through with your goals. So notice this resonate frequency of success moving through your body as relaxation. Whether it comes as a lightness, or as a heaviness or as a tingling sensation, allow that feeling to be present with each exhalation, increasing and improving your degree of relaxation now. Imagine as the chest rises and falls that relaxation moves across the large and small muscles of the back, moving slowly down through the hips, thighs and knees, the calves, as well as shins and the ankles and the feet, relax.

Notice how energy follows thought, and just as you thought of relaxation in the body, relaxation followed. With the blood flow and relaxation moving through your body, creating the confidence and the motivation and drive you need upon awakening, move back through time, back to six months in the future, be there now. Imagine the way you will awaken knowing that in six months you will begin to see the world differently, with opportunity in mind. You began to hear differently with positive optimistic thoughts of your own inner mind. Negative thoughts, negative concepts, negative beliefs of others will have no control over you at any level of the mind, at this or any of the awakening levels of consciousness.  You have synchronized your mind, organized your thoughts, and created an attitude of change that will last the rest of your life.

This attitude of gratitude moves through your day to day experience, just as naturally as your breathing. So feel the relaxation now resonate out through the core of your chest, across the shoulders, down over the arms into the fingertips, as the tips of the fingers go loose, limp completely relaxed.

From the hands and feet to the legs and arms, and now the torso of the body relaxing, doubling and tripling with relaxation with each word that is uttered, with each and every breath that you take.  And with each breath, you’re allowing the thoughts, the ideas of success to resonate in your mind, to harmonize in your thoughts and to move freely now up through the neck and into the right and left side of the brain. From there, the scalp facial muscles and tendons and event eh jaw relaxes, you can feel your jaw part slightly as air enters into the lungs and as air leaves the lungs.

With each exhalation going just a little bit further than the breath before. I want you to journey deep deep inside between the tick and the tock of the clock, in that space between that has been and what will be. And imagine yourself there one month from today and you’ve done it, you’ve successfully completed a goal, something of importance, something meaningful and you’re seeing through your eyes, you’re hearing through your ears, you’re sensing and feeling as you build this bright and compelling future.

And as you step into this future event, you begin to think differently, you begin to think with motivation, with the determination and drive for success that happens one day at a time as you improve the quality of your life. All things that you did well in the past, you will continue to do well in fact even better as the days transform into weeks, and the weeks into months, and the months into years.  And as those changes take place deep deep within you, you begin to see solutions to your everyday problems, so as you journey deep deep inside building your motivation and drive, you begin to think of a current problem that you’re experiencing. And whatever it is, just take it deep deep inside to that creative inner part within you. And it’s that creative inner part during the deepest realms of sleep that will begin to solve the problems of the past with solutions found in the present as well as the future.

It’s from here that you’ll begin to dream of your day to day life experience with new behaviors, new attitudes, powerful positive beliefs that will shape your future, it’s from here that new behaviors will be formed that are just as immediate, but far more appropriate now that you’ve created a timeline for success. You’ve clearly seen in your mind the next month, the next six months, and even one year in the future, building a timeline of success where you’re placing on that timeline all of the goals that you have for the day, the week, the months to come and as you place them on that timeline, I want you simply rest assured that you’re other than conscious mind is taking care of the details while you take a mental vacation, so from here as my voice pauses I want you simply go on a journey in your mind, to an inner island, to a place where there is surf, sound, and golden sun, and allow yourself to be there and when you next hear my voice, it will only cause you to become more capable, more able to make the changes that you need upon awakening.

You are doing perfectly, knowing that each time that you close your eyes, with the intention of going into these creative states of consciousness, your mind will expand, your brain will absorb the positive information, and you’ll begin to take action upon awakening. Now I’m not sure exactly what the first step is for you, to build into your mind and body the motivation and drive for success, but you know, and as you think of that one key behavior, that one instantaneous change upon awakening, I want you to step into it, imagine as if it happens spontaneously, automatically, imagine that you’re smiling while you’re doing it, you’re saying something meaningful and positive to yourself, and others are noticing your upbeat, positive attitude as well. It happens through the days, it happens through the weeks, and it happens through the months to come and when you have locked into your mind whatever that goal is that you’ve set for yourself, one year in the future, step into it once again, breathe it into being so that the unseen forces of your mind can go to work, producing it for you in the world around you. And when you’re ready to take the action to create the motivation and drive for success that you will succeed, your eyes will then open, you will then become wide awake, feeling fine and in perfect health, feeling better than ever before, and this is so.