Burn More Calories…Indoors!

With cooler weather rolling in, indoor workouts are on my mind (and probably yours, too!). If you’re avoiding the DREADmill at all costs, it’s time to reconsider.

While it’s true that walking on a treadmill can be both repetitive and boring, when used properly, even top athletes use it as a key training tool.

But the trick is to get motivated and walk towards your strongest self. Here are 3 ways to crank up your workout and never use a DREADmill again.

Plus, don’t miss the DOUBLE TROUBLE workout!

  • Try The Double Trouble
    Adding a steeper incline to your treadmill workout a steeper incline will help you burn more calories, and shape your buns and legs. After all, running on a treadmill without an incline is equivalent to running on a slight decline on the open road, and that’s not exactly a fat-burning, lower-body shaping formula. Next time you hop on the treadmill, change up the elevation with one of my favorite butt-busting treadmill workouts:


    • After a 5-minute warm up, increase the incline level by 2% every 2 minutes until you reach 12%.
    • Then, decrease the incline by 2% until you are walking on a flat surface again.
    • Cool down for 5 minutes, or until your heart rate returns to normal
  • Is Your TEMPO Off? 
    They say speed kills, but that’s only when it comes to cars and drugs.  With walking, speed is your friend! And, if you have exercise A.D.D. like I do, you’ll understand that working out at the same speed on a treadmill is nothin’ but boring. By switching up your speed and using those magic arrows to add intervals to your walk, you’ll not only spice up your routine to help the time fly by, but you’ll also tap into the best way to blast fat. Adding intervals isn’t rocket science. Rather than staying at a continuous pace for 30 minutes, add in short bursts of high intensity movement to a workout. For instance, try alternating 2 minutes of moderate walking with 30 seconds of power walks/sprints.
  • Choose The Right Music

    When I hear a fun, up-tempo song like “Baiana” by Bakermat, I can’t help but start moving. I don’t break out in dance (at least not every time), but if I’m on the treadmill, I kick up the intensity. It’s kind of like tapping your foot or snapping your fingers when a favorite song comes on the radio; it’s automatic and even a reflex. That response is why music is such an awesome exercise tool. Scientists have discovered that our brains react to music with a boost in electrical activity in the areas that coordinate movement. The rhythm literally tells our brain to get moving, and more than just a little toe tapping. We naturally fall in time to the beat, so if you’re working out to a fast-paced song, you’ll speed up your moves. A playlist of both fast and mellow songs is great for interval training. When the song changes, that’s your cue to change your intensity level.