Build Strong Abs


Build strong abs with the Hollow Hold!

What is it?

The Hollow Hold is considered a core training fundamental move. It only takes a few minutes and I use it as a daily exercise to “turn on” my core.

This move challenges your abs, obliques, and lower back as an integrated unit. No matter what your training level, it’s a technique you’ll want to practice and master.

The Hollow Hold requires you to focus on form and technique to get it right. It looks very simple, but the subtleties of the move are important. The more you learn about the Hollow Hold and its variations, the more you can build a strong overall core.

Set up your Hollow Hold position…

Lie on your back, extending your arms and legs.

Press your lower back flat on the ground by flexing your abs. During this entire movement, your abs and back will work in unison. This isosmetric or static contraction requires you to hold the entire body steady!

Now, add in a rock.

Hold your position while rocking slowly to the front and the back, which is only possible if you maintain core tension. Don’t swing your arms or legs… it’s not about using momentum.

If you lose connection with the floor and need a modified version, try putting your arms by your side, or bending your knees.