Breath of Fresh Air!


It’s the weekend, which means it’s time for a breath of fresh air! 

I recently asked the members of the private Fit Over 40 Facebook group to share innovative ways that they’re moving in the great outdoors. Hundreds of people responded…

“I love gardening outside in the Irish countryside.” – Carol

40 minute outdoor walk… done! High heat, but good cloud cover and a breeze. Even bumped my anaerobic pushes into a couple sprints.” – Leslie

“The weather is finally perfect to take my workout to the park! I really needed this mental and physical time to myself.” – Jillian

Since we’re all getting a little tired of collectively staying at home, here are 10 ways to get outdoor movement while still maintaining the recommended distance of others.

Soak up that sun and Vitamin D this weekend! Stay healthy, stay active!


1 – Savor The Season

Soak up the summer and get Vitamin  D by going for a bike ride. Pedaling at a moderate pace for 15 minutes can leave 100 calories in the wind.

2 – Go Exploring!

Find a scenic spot in your surrounding area to discover. Instead of viewing your adventure as an exercise on a chore chart of items to check off, approach it as a challenge to complete

3 – Put Your Feet In The Grass! 

Take your stretchy band to the park and set up your own personal bootcamp up in the grass with squats, lunges, pushups, and of course…stretches! Also, if there’s a park bench, put it to good use with some tricep dips.

4 – Chase The Sunrise or Sunset! 

Instead of hitting the treadmill, take it outdoors! Time your walks and runs for early morning or late afternoon, and reward yourself by capturing a glorious sunrise or sunset.

5 – Go for the incline!

Learn to love the stairs, or at least, the calorie burn. A person climbing stairs uses around 10 calories per minute, or 360 calories in just 20 mins. Find a set of bleachers at a high school track or a set of stairs in the community.

BONUS… Walk & talk!

For those long-distance loved ones who love to catch up by phone, head out for some fresh air with your cell, and walk and talk. Isn’t it about time we put the “mobile” back into “mobile phone”?Or, push “play” on a walking audio… you walk while I talk! Taking daily strolls benefits us on so many levels… physical and psychological. The more you walk, the better you’ll feel.

Rebound your mood with Walk It Off, a new 30-minute walking audio. Put in your earbuds and join me while I coach along the way with proper techniques to get the most out of your workout!

Or, you can listen to one of my latest podcasts while you walk

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You can tone up and burn calories in a way that’s convenient for you. It just takes a little bit of creativity. You don’t have to dramatically reschedule your day. All you have to do is find new ways to add movement throughout it. Start with these tips, and get creative with your own!