Is Your Heart Getting Enough Oxygen?

I want to introduce you to a term you probably haven’t heard before – it’s called RPP, rate pressure product. RPP measures how hard your heart is working and whether or not it’s getting enough oxygen. And, this is vital information, especially when it comes to training and working out. Remember, the heart is a muscle. Just like any other muscle in your body, your heart needs a steady supply of oxygen.

By using the Bodimetrics Performance Monitor, you can measure your RPP to gauge your heart health and determine the proper starting point when exercising.

And here’s how it does it…it multiplies your Heart Rate by your Systolic Blood Pressure. And the good news is, the device does the calculation automatically for you.

So to measure your RPP , just hold your hands on the electrodes for 20 – 30 seconds when you’re at rest or exercising and your RPP will appear on the screen, measuring whether you’re on the high, medium, or low end of the typical adult range.

By using your RPP to gauge the oxygen delivery demands of your heart, you can find the proper starting points for your exercise regimen. It will also help you set goals, so you can exercise safely, effectively, and get the best results for YOUR body. Knowing your RPP can also help you avoid physical symptoms that indicate your heart is not getting enough oxygen, causing you to feel fatigued.

Now, keeping track of your heart health couldn’t be easier! Make it a part of your exercise regimen starting today and you will see results!

BodiMetrics Performance Monitor at a glance:

  • Captures vital health metrics in the palm of the hand in 20 seconds.
  • Keeps daily track of a family’s health and vitality.
  • Families (4 profiles) can use the same device with individually saved data (100 records).
  • Provides audible and visual usage instruction.
  • Communicates with mobile iOS or Android apps using Bluetooth to share information.
  • Replaces 5 devices with one: ECG, Heart Rate, Systolic Blood Pressure, Blood Oxygenation, and Temperature.
  • Has pedometer and medication reminder functions.
  • “Relax Me” Trainer uses Heart Rate Variability (HRV) captured by Performance Monitor to help manage relaxation levels through active monitoring and breathing exercises, reducing fatigue and increasing productivity.
  • Helps to determine optimal training regimens.
  • Easy to use and small enough to fit into a pocket

A healthy life is important at any age, and with the BodiMetrics Performance Monitor you can body hack your way to optimal health by devoting just a few minutes each day to yourself.

REMINDER: This is NOT a medical device; it should not be used if users have a pacemaker or other electronic implant. It is not a replacement for emergency medical attention or visits to the doctor.