For Better Sex…


Ben Greenfield is a self-proclaimed guinea pig to find techniques for peak performance and he has immersed himself in studying the modern science behind health and vitality. We been acquaintances for a few years, and it’s always a pleasure to pick his brain and hear about his latest experiments.

Longtime listeners of The Art of Living may remember the conversation I had with Ben on a surprising topic… sexual vitality. Listen to the whole episode here.

Find out what you can add to your salad to improve your life between the sheets… 

Kathy Smith: Are there ways to increase production of new blood vessels to improve your sex life?

Ben Greenfield: Yes. In many cases, when you’re going for techniques or technology that involves better living through science like this, you can always throw extra things in that enhance the sex.

For example, any time you’re developing new blood vessels or trying to increase blood flow and you’re about to do a procedure like light therapy – you can take supplements or eat foods that also almost act like – whether you’re male or female – Viagra for your whole body.

By the way, a lot of women don’t know that Viagra works very well as a female sexual performance enhancement aid also. I choose natural versions of it when I can.

So, what do I mean by that? I mean things like beet root, beets, fermented beets, beet juice, beet powder, beet supplements, anything like that is fantastic for nitric oxide blood flow and sexual performance.

Arugula, precursors to really good minerals like zinc such as shell fish or another example would be pumpkin seeds. There’s even a more French supplement that they make from black ants now that’s 10 times higher in zinc than shell fish. So it turns out that ants are the new aphrodisiac. It’s this black ant abstract powder that you can stir into lattes or smoothies. It works really well as a zinc precursor.

Anything dark red, dark purple, black, full of flavonoids, some of the darker berries like blueberries and blackberries, preferably organic, wild varieties – not sprayed, non-organic varieties.

Arugula, like I mentioned is really good. It’s a wild green that increases blood flow. A lot of these things that act as cardiovascular support compounds, they’re fantastic to include as a regular part of your diet but especially before your procedures like this.