Foot Exercises


If you’re like most people, you probably take your feet for granted, walking all over them until they talk back in pain. Your feet are key to a happy, healthy lifestyle. They’re foundation for everything you do. 

Almost 75% of people experience an issue with foot health in their lifetime, which makes sense because over the course of an average day, the feet are subjected to several hundred tons of force. 

Happy feet become the sturdy support for your legs, spine, arms and head. Your feet are a big reason why you’re either aligned or misaligned. 

If you’re having pain in your feet, it may be a sign of whole-body mal-alignment, which puts you at risk for age-related immobility as well as other illnesses in the hips and knees.

Save your soles! Today’s video with 7 simple moves will stretch and strengthen your feet, and will provide better support and protection for the foot and body as a whole.