The 5-5-5 Plan


You might think the only measure of success is money, cars, the latest fashions, or your job description. I disagree. I think that it’s up to each of us to define the concept for ourselves.

Secretary of State Madeleine Albright once described success as discovering what it is you love doing, and finding a way to make that your life’s work. I suppose Secretary Albright’s definition applies to me as well.

Long before there was such a thing as the “fitness industry,” I knew only that running, exercising, and learning about how and why they affected the human body gave me intense pleasure. It never occurred to me that 40 years later, I would have the opportunity to use my passion to help millions of people change their lives.

But I’ve never defined “success” by occupying a corner of the fitness industry. No, I’m successful in my own heart because I am constantly working toward creating a happy balance between work, home, and community.

Each of us is the sum of the choices we’ve made up to this point in our lives. What you see when you look at yourself and your surroundings represents choices you began making year ago. And since you’re still making them today, you are continually shaping your destiny. The path you decide to take does not have a destination. It is a road that’s always under construction, and the course can be changed whenever you decide.

My sincerest hope is that as you learn to recognize how those choices contributed to who you are and, conversely, give you powerful  information you need and the motivation it takes to make the necessary changes for you to obtain a better life. Your life is a constant journey, and I’d like to help you along on this journey by showing you how making better health and fitness choices can improve your body and state of mind.

You begin this process by simply realizing that your life is indeed a succession of choices, and that it’s never too late to begin choosing wisely. As the saying goes, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” As familiar as these words may sound, they are as true as any uttered.

I want you to have a great life, a life you’ll love living. The 5-5-5 Plan can help you to achieve any goal you desire.

The 5-5-5 Plan 


Mornings matter. If you win the morning, you win the day. How you choose to structure your mornings has a lasting impact on your health.

Plus… research consistently shows that if you want to maximize your productivity, you must harness the power of your morning routine.

Developing small energizing habits of what to do after you part with the pillow can help you conquer even the craziest of days.

You don’t HAVE energy, you CREATE energy.

Most people lose their mojo within the first two hours of waking up because they become REACTIVE instead of PROACTIVE. Instead of tying up their laces for a workout, they stay snuggled in bed checking social media.

Before you get started on your daily tasks, sit down with your to-do list and figure out the most important items to make today highly successful. Then, prioritize the rest of your list and schedule them throughout the week.

Any item that’s been on your list for more than 3 days needs to be either broken down into more attainable goals, delegated to somebody else, or taken off your list completely.


Set the alarm on your phone or watch to ring five times during the day. I recommend setting an alarm for 10 am, 12 pm, 2 pm, 4 pm, and 6 pm.

When you hear the noise, take it as a queue to breathe deeply and ask yourself…

“Was my past hour productive?” 

Then, look at your to-do list or calendar and mindfully recommit to how you’re going to spend the next hour.

Dictate your day instead of having your day dictate you.


A productive morning begins with what you do before you go to sleep. Here are simple techniques I add into my evening routine so to make the next day productive.

  • FLUSH THE TOILET… Excuse my potty-mouthed metaphor, but imagine flushing down all of today’s mess down the toilet, so you don’t have to see it when you wake up in the morning. You want to wake up with new energy, and a focused mind so you’re ready to take charge of the day. Don’t leave today’s mess for tomorrow!
  • DRAIN YOUR BRAIN… To help you stop your racing mind and slip into a peaceful slumber, keep a notebook on your bedside table. Before you go to bed, write down everything that’s on your mind…your to-do list, what’s making you worried, or anything that’s bugging you. I call it a “brain drain,” and it’s scientifically proven to help reduce anxiety and put a halt to racing thoughts.
  • PREP IT UP… Eating healthy and working out is much easier when you prepare the night before, and set everything out so it’s ready to go. Leaving your workout clothes folded next to your bed is a visual cue to remind yourself of the commitment you’ve made to exercise. And, it makes for a smooth morning because it helps save time.

Before bed, you can also prep your meals for the next day by chopping up veggies, or even preparing a mason jar salad for lunch. And, you can pull out the blender and protein powder from the cabinets and set them on the counter for your morning shake. This way, there’s no thinking required tomorrow!