A Prominent Figure in Fitness is about to get the Workout of a Lifetime.

On July 19th, America’s Trainer Kathy Smith will summit Mt. Kilimanjaro as part of an Outward Bound International team of leaders – all with diverse cultural, professional, political and religious backgrounds. Kilimanjaro is Africa’s highest peak and the tallest freestanding mountain in the world. Trekkers traverse five different climatic zones from rain forests to moors to arctic zones.

Outward Bound International program

The two week, 19,340 foot climb is part of Global Leaders for A Better Tomorrow, a unique Outward Bound International program designed to foster a better understanding of leaders across cultures and professions.

“There is nothing like the common goal of climbing a mountain to make people see beyond their differences,” explains Smith. “Both figuratively and literally, the mountain represents a tremendous challenge and an excellent framework for people working together — to develop a new appreciation for each other and to discover new ways to resolve issues. I really expect this adventure to push me on many different and exciting levels.”

What’s the secret behind Smith’s preparation for this adventure?

Smith credits her workout program, The Matrix Method. The program works the body as a whole, rather than isolating muscles, and incorporates walking and core strengthening exercises. The technique leads to greater strength, stamina, balance and coordination, so it is perfect conditioning for the rigors of the summit as well as daily life. Smith will also be teaching the technique to fellow climbers prior to the climb, including members of the United Nations, the World Bank and various world-wide industry leaders.

The Global Leaders climb will be chronicled via webcam and filmed for a documentary. For more information about this workout of a lifetime, please visit: http://www.outwardbound.net/courses/international/index.html.

Kathy Smith’s extensive library includes more than 40 videos/DVDs that have sold close to 20 million copies worldwide. Many of Smith’s most popular titles are being re-released on DVD in 2006, as well as two new Matrix titles in October, Kathy Smith Matrix Method: Power Walk for Weight Loss and Kathy Smith Matrix Method: Ultimate Sculpt.