Ageless Energy – 10-Min Stretch

Stretching is a key to ageless energy. 

Over time, tension and tightness can cause stiff joints and muscles that eventually lead to reduced mobility and aging. Doing a simple stretch sequence on a regular basis can dramatically improve range of motion, help improve relieve pain from muscle tightness and joint stiffness. And one of the most over-looked benefits is that it can help prevent lief-changing falls that can disrupt your life and ultimately threaten your independence.

Maintaining flexibility and range of motion is crucial for preventing joint pain, and resolving posture issues.

I recommend that you make stretching part of your daily and post-workout ritual. It allows your body to enter a restorative phase where it functions more optimally. There’s even a saying, “Your body is only as young as your spine is flexible!” 

Yoga is my favorite way to rejuvenate, stretch, and maintain flexibility. So whether you’re suffering from back pain, migraines, chronic tight spots, or if you’re interested having in a looser, more flexible body, then join me in today’s stretch. 

Simple yoga principles will allow you to become unstuck, and enhance your performance in all your other daily activities.