9 Ways To Make Avocado Toast …Without the Toast!

Avocado toast has been THE breakfast of choice lately. In fact, in a group text with my daughters last weekend, we were all sitting in different parts of the world all eating the same breakfast…avocado toast. We each had our own spin on the meal…I added some sliced turkey to the top, Perrie had thinly-sliced tomatoes, and Kate added a few bean sprouts to the top. This week, I experimented with avocado toast…without the toast.

Sounds crazy, but try these these 9 paleo-approved combos from Shape Magazine to top your avocado. You won’t miss the toast.

1. Shrimp + Cilantro + Lime

2. Roasted Tomatoes + Basil + Vinaigrette

3. Asparagus + Hard-Cooked Egg + Black Pepper

4. Bacon + Scrambled Eggs + Chives

5. Pickled Veggies + Cilantro

6. Baby Greens + Toasted Walnuts + Vinaigrette

7. Mango + Raspberries + Cucumber

8. Pickled Veggies + Cilantro

9. Bacon + Lettuce + Tomato

BONUS: Chicken + Grapes + Almonds

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