8-Steps to Create a


Food for vitality!

If you’re looking for superfood combos for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, then look no further than my latest obsession… plant-powered vitality bowls!

They are simple to make and can be served cold or warm. Plus, you can use ingredients that are already in your refrigerator.

Imagine a mix of whole grains, such as warm wild rice or quinoa, tossed with chopped kale or arugula. Add in veggies higher in carbs, such as bell peppers, or corn and fresh tomatoes.

The next step is to add protein… black beans, eggs, roasted chicken, or sunflower seeds. Then it’s all tossed with a flavor-packed sauce or a splash of dressing, such as balsamic vinegar or tahini sauce.

My favorite bowl includes chickpea, quinoa, arugula, red cabbage, tomato, and guacamole.

If you are on the go and need to take your lunch with you, don’t worry… the solution to keeping your plant-powered bowl warm is a RIGWA BOWL. This handy to-go container is a vacuum insulated bowl that keeps your hot food hot, and cold food cold…. learn more here!

To create your own plant-powered vitality bowl, choose 1-2 items from each of the circles below.