5 Reasons For Women To Train With Kettlebells

Not to disregard the classic dumbbell, but kettlebells have been stealing my heart lately. Not only do their variety of exercises allow for full-body toning techniques, but new research is stating that kettlebell workouts can improve your balance and reaction time. Today, Greg from KettlebellWorkouts.com was kind enough to share with you 5 reasons women should train with kettlebells:

Kettlebell Workouts Add Muscle But Won’t Beef You Up

Kettlebell workouts, when performed correctly, are very dynamic and cardiovascular in nature. Although the resistance element of kettlebell training will tone existing muscles it will not cause a huge amount of hypertrophy or muscle growth. This is great news for women who wish to add muscle tone without the bulk.

Plus ladies, you don’t have to worry looking like a bodybuilder. Without larger amounts of Testosterone, the male growth hormone, it’s very difficult for women to put on too much muscle.

Kettlebell Workouts are Full-Body So You Burn More Fat!

If you’ve received a correctly designed kettlebell program, then your exercises are going to consist of full body, compound, movements that target almost every muscle in the body. The more muscles that are targeted at one time the more energy you will require and the more fat you will burn.

Kettlebells Allow Super Quick Workouts for Busy Women

As mentioned above, kettlebell workouts target a lot of muscles in one move, so you don’t waste time having to target separate areas of the body individually. You will find that these full body workouts are hard work from the beginning, and using lots of energy in one move is tiring…but also very time efficient! Be sure to use the correct kettlebell exercises, as kettlebells should not be used the same as a dumbbell.

Kettlebells Target the Hips, Butt, Thighs and Waist

We all know by now that we cannot just focus on a particular area to reduce fat, but we do know that creating muscle tone increases our metabolic rate and so we burn more fat in daily life. The cornerstone exercise of all kettlebell programs is the kettlebell swing. This exercise alone heavily targets the buttocks, thighs, hips and waist. It also raises the heart rate quickly improving cardiovascular health.

Kettlebell Workouts for Women are Fun

Not every person enjoys exercise and women are no exception. Kettlebells offer an exciting dimension to a fitness routine that can become very addictive. Learning to train correctly with kettlebells takes skill, time and dedication. Often women get wrapped up in the intricacies of kettlebell training and forget that they are even working out. In my personal experience I have found more women seem to stick to a kettlebell program than men. Just as an exercise like running is totally mindless (which some women do enjoy) kettlebell training takes focus and understanding.

Here’s a clip of my kettlebell workout that’s FUN & designed for a woman’s body:


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